Call For Papers

Call For Papers


The Third Ukrainian Natural Language Processing Workshop will be held online in conjunction with the LREC-COLING 2024 conference.


UNLP as is


The UNLP workshop focuses on advances in Ukrainian Natural Language Processing. The workshop aims to bring together leading academics, researchers, and practitioners in the fields of Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics who work with the Ukrainian language or do cross-Slavic research that can be applied to the Ukrainian language.


The Ukrainian NLP community has only started forming in recent years, with most of the projects done by isolated groups of researchers. The UNLP workshop provides a platform for discussion and sharing of ideas, encourages collaboration between different research groups, and improves the visibility of the Ukrainian research community. The workshop facilitates the creation of shared standards and processing pipelines, as well as new industrial applications, joint research projects, and publications across different teams working on Ukrainian.


Topics of interest lie in the area of Ukrainian NLP and Computational Linguistics and include, but are not limited to, the following tasks:


  • morphosyntactic tagging,
  • named-entity recognition,
  • syntactic and semantic parsing,
  • coreference resolution,
  • information extraction and text mining,
  • automated question answering and information retrieval,
  • language modelling and natural language generation,
  • grammatical error correction,
  • text summarization,
  • machine translation,
  • sentiment analysis,
  • argument mining,
  • disinformation detection and fact verification,
  • development of language resources and evaluation methods,
  • speech recognition and generation,
  • knowledge representation and computational pragmatics,
  • computational semantics,
  • computational methods for phonology,
  • cross-Slavic models,
  • code-switching and Ukrainian dialects,
  • Ukrainian NLP in interaction with other artificial intelligence technologies.


The Workshop will accept research papers for the Crimean Tatar language with the aim of supporting this severely endangered language of the indigenous people of Ukraine. The Workshop will also accept papers with negative results.


Shared Task


The Third UNLP features the first Shared Task on Fine-Tuning LLMs for Ukrainian. This Shared Task aims to challenge and assess LLMs’ capabilities to understand and generate Ukrainian, paving the way for LLM development in Slavic languages.


You can find more details on the web page of the Shared Task.


Important Dates


December 18, 2023 — First call for workshop papers

February 12, 2024 — Second call for workshop papers

March 4, 2024 — Workshop paper due

March 27, 2024 — Notification of acceptance

April 5, 2024 — Camera-ready papers due

May 25, 2024 — Workshop




UNLP invites submissions of completed and ongoing projects. Submissions describing resources or solutions that have been made available to the broader public are strongly encouraged.


The workshop proceedings will be published on the LREC-COLING 2024 website and will also be linked in the ACL Anthology.


We invite two types of submissions: long and short papers. Long papers should describe original, unpublished and completed work. The short papers may describe work in progress, small focused contributions, system demonstrations, new linguistic resources, or experiments based on existing software and resources.


Overlap with previously published work should be clearly mentioned at the time of submission. The authors should indicate in their submission whether the paper has been submitted elsewhere, e.g., to the main conference. In particular, in case the paper has been rejected by the main conference, it should be indicated in the submission.


All submissions will be judged on correctness, novelty, technical strength, clarity of presentation, usability, and significance/relevance to the Workshop. Every submission will be reviewed by at least three members of the Program Committee.


Paper review will be blind. The papers must not include the authors’ names and affiliations. Self-citations and other references that reveal the authors’ identity must be avoided.


Long papers should follow the LREC-COLING 2024 two-column format with a maximum of eight (8) pages of content. Short paper submissions should follow the same format and not exceed four (4) pages for content. These limitations do not include any number of additional pages for references, appendices, ethical considerations, conflict-of-interest statements, or data and code availability statements.


All submissions must conform to the official style guidelines of LREC-COLING 2024 contained in the style files and must be in PDF. The working language of UNLP is English. Submissions in any other language will be rejected without review.



Share your LRs!


When submitting a paper from the START page, authors will be asked to provide essential information about resources (in a broad sense, i.e. also technologies, standards, evaluation kits, etc.) that have been used for the work described in the paper or are a new result of your research. Moreover, ELRA encourages all LREC-COLING authors to share the described LRs (data, tools, services, etc.) to enable their reuse and replicability of experiments (including evaluation ones).


Link for paper submission: